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About Us

GSF Asia Pacific has developed over the last few years into the highly regarded investment and wealth management company it has become today. Based in Asia, and at the center of the fastest-growing population of private investors anywhere in the world, we are ideally located to serve the financial needs of our global client base.

We offer made to measure financial solutions that help to protect, grow, and improve our client’s overall financial circumstances. The well-being of our clients is our primary consideration, and we pull out all the stops to exceed client expectations in all that we do.

Our independent and integrated financial solutions and robust investment management capabilities produce healthy returns in both rising and falling market conditions. We offer the choice of discretionary or consent-based portfolios to individuals and families wanting to either increase their wealth or to gain a stable level of income from their current assets.

We believe in building strong personal relationships with our clients, which enables us to both enjoy the good times and work closely together to overcome the bumps along the road to success. The connections we form with clients are built on the strong foundations of transparency, an exchange of ideas, and mutual respect.

At GSF Asia Pacific, we are inspired by the opportunities the future presents which act as a motivator for us to focus on what counts; working with our clients to achieve their financial aims and objectives. This is what energizes us to pay closer attention to detail when assessing which investments we recommend and buy and to continue the never-ending search for new and better opportunities.

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GSF Asia Pacific

Guided By Our Principles

GSF Asia Pacific was established around the central principals of honesty, fairness, integrity, openness, and professionalism. We believe that this is the right approach to create an environment where the relationship between our clients and us can thrive. A long-term relationship can only be sustained by open and frank two-way communication.

Central Principles

Shared Objectives

GSF Asia Pacific’s belief is that by working closely with our clients we are much more likely to understand fully, and then achieve their financial goals. Using a collaborative approach ensures all clients are fully up to speed with the latest developments being made on their behalf and understand why the action is being taken.


People Are The Key

While there have been massive technological developments made over the last few years which definitely play their part in our business, technology by itself counts for nothing without the accompanying drive of knowledgeable and talented professionals with decades of collective experience between them. We significantly invest in our people so that we can continue to provide the precise, tailored solutions that our clients have come to expect and deserve.


Involvement In The Community

At GSF Asia Pacific we care about the community around us, where we work and where we live. Our commitment to the community and improving the lives of those around us is one of the core values of our company. Our efforts are not only confined to the corporate world; our employees also donate their initiative, skills, and hard-earned cash to worthwhile causes in their own time.


Wealth Solutions



By looking at your entire financial situation, we can pinpoint the areas requiring attention right now, and those to attend to in the future.


Wealth Management

Providing reassurance to clients by offering comprehensive solutions that are individually tailored to help you realize your financial ambitions.


Inheritance Planning

Inheritance planning ensures that your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes when the time comes.


Family Office

Taking a multi-generation approach to your family’s financial well-being by protecting, growing, and improving your position over many years.

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