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Investment Management

Individual Goals With Individual Solutions

Distinct from our wealth management division, GSF Asia Pacific’s investment management services focus purely on the selection and trading of stocks and other financial instruments that make up the portfolios we manage.

By appreciating that each client has distinct and unique aspirations and objectives, each portfolio is constructed with its own, individualized, tailor-made approach.

For the most part, the investment philosophy at GSF Asia Pacific is measured, avoiding excessively high-risk investments and favoring more conventional holdings that have good trading volumes, marketability, and liquidity.

Levels Of Participation

To provide further risk mitigation, we ensure that our portfolios are well diversified across different asset classes, sectors, industries, and geographical locations, so that if one area experiences a downturn, the likely resultant upturn in one of the other areas should minimize or even neutralize losses.

GSF Asia Pacific offers two portfolio management options to choose from. For clients that have neither the time, experience, or inclination to devote the necessary attention and effort to monitor and manage investments themselves, we have the discretionary portfolio. Allowing GSF Asia Pacific the freedom to make investment decisions on your behalf, all within pre-determined guidelines that set out your objectives and attitude to risk means that you benefit from the full power of our research and analysis, executed at the correct time.

For those clients with more experience and knowledge of the investment markets, we provide the advisory portfolio service. Consent to proceed is sought from advisory clients by their Account Manager before any purchases or disposals are transacted on their behalf.

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