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Discretionary Portfolios

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Discretionary Portfolios

Worry-Free Investing

The day-to-day management of an investment portfolio is not suited to the inexperienced or those prone to making emotional decisions. Our discretionary portfolio service allows you to get on with enjoying your life and passes the responsibility and decision making to an experienced and knowledgeable Account Manager and his supporting team.

GSF Asia Pacific’s consistent, market-beating investment performance is driven by our fundamental aim of protecting, preserving, and increasing clients’ wealth over the long term. GSF Asia Pacific has the knowledge, skill, and ability required to capably monitor your investments and carry out investment transactions when needed. At all times, any changes made will be in line with your objectives and the attitude to risk you previously agreed.

Staying On Course

The attention that is given to the management of discretionary portfolios ensure that clients’ overall wealth plans remain on course to achieve expected goals within specified timeframes. By regularly reviewing the asset allocation, investment holdings, and risk profile of discretionary portfolios, our team makes sure that gains are secured and losses minimized.

Using Our Experience For Your Benefit

Growth assets have the potential to generate much higher profits than defensive assets on the whole, but with that potential comes added risk and more volatility. The principal investments used for this purpose are public company shares or stocks as they are also known.

People who are more comfortable with the risks associated with investing in stocks and shares, and have a longer time horizon in mind to counter, and wait out, the additional volatility are likely to receive substantially higher returns than can be seen with defensive assets.

With GSF Asia Pacific, along with the benefits gained from the services provided by our talented investment management team, your portfolio also benefits from our vast knowledge and experience of the investment markets and the peerless contribution of what is one of the most respected and talented research units.

Other benefits of using our discretionary portfolio service include:

  Attentive: Your Account Manager will have a deep understanding of your financial circumstances. After your goals and risk attitude have been established, they will manage your investments in the way you want.
  Dependable: Many of our investment and wealth management team have been with us since the company started, so it is very likely that the Account Manager that oversees your portfolio will not change for a long time.
  Impartial: We strongly believe in our independence as a company. We have no ties or links to companies to promote their products and do not receive commissions or incentives from companies for doing so.
  Cost-efficient: For the high-quality service we deliver, we feel our fee structure is inexpensive.
  Clarity: Misunderstandings or failure to fully inform clients about what is happening and why can lead to breakdowns in the so we regularly interact with clients to ensure we all stay on the same page.

Across-The-Board Wealth Solutions


The Comprehensive View

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GSF Asia Pacific gives you and your family peace of mind by constructing an all-embracing wealth management plan that’s specially created to help you realize your wealth goals.


Inheritance Planning

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Family Office

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