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Investment Philosophy

  1. Investment Philosophy


Investment Philosophy

Measured Approach

We take great pride in our measured investment philosophy. In order to grow wealth, you must first protect and preserve what you already have. We deliver successful, medium, and longer-term investment strategies by using high-quality investments.

This controlled approach does not mean that we are inflexible in the types of investment we consider – we simply avoid purely speculative situations and those where the potential for loss outweighs the potential gain.

Preserving Income & Wealth

Our philosophy for fixed income strategies mainly utilizes government bonds and high-quality corporate debt. We focus on maintaining diversification in addition to offsetting potential interest rate risks.

We believe our strategy delivers the right balance of competitive, income-generating assets together with other stable investments designed to protect the portfolio’s purchasing power.

Detachment Is Vital

Our approach to equity investment uses a similar philosophy to that of our fixed-income strategies. We endeavor to generate returns from both capital appreciation and dividends. We aim to pinpoint undervalued or overlooked stocks in companies in industries or markets that investors, in general, do not favor.

We are not alone in using this approach as it is employed by many investment managers. Taking a detached, objective view is the investment is where we separate ourselves from the herd.

This dispassionate overview, coupled with our dislike for following the pack mentality helps us to focus in on opportunities that have attractive valuations and real potential for capital appreciation. We also select stocks from various equity markets, as and when opportunities arise, thereby further bolstering geographical diversification.

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